Not an Employer? 3 Caribbean Background Checks That Are Worth It Anyway

In a perfect world, the background check wouldn’t exist. If you wanted to know more about a person, you’d simply ask. Everyone would have a spotless record, and everyone would be trustworthy. Sadly, the world isn’t perfect. Believe it or not, in some ways even the Caribbean isn’t the perfect paradise it seems so clearly to be in glossy photos and on Travel Channel shows. Background checks are often necessary to protect yourself and the ones you love, and corporate employers aren’t the only ones who should use them. Here are three other times when completing a background check is a smart move:

When You Hire a Nanny

1. When You Hire a Nanny.  The caregivers you interview may have all the charm and poise of Mary Poppins, but before you trust the safety of your children to a stranger, it’s imperative that you complete a background check. You’ll learn about past criminal activity, including any instances of harassment or abuse.

 When You Rent Out Your Home

2. When You Rent Out Your Home.  The Caribbean is a favorite getaway for tourists, and homeowners are often tempted to rent their homes – or a room within their homes – to vacationing families or guests. Before you do, perform a background check on the renter. It’s the best way to make sure you’re keeping your family and your property safe.

When You're Getting Married

3. When You’re Getting Married (Or Even Before the First Date).  You wouldn’t marry someone if you didn’t feel you knew the person well, but if you’ve ever watched a Lifetime movie, you know that feeling and knowing are two completely different things. Sometimes people just aren’t what they seem, and relationships can move pretty quickly. If you have unanswered questions about your future husband or wife, a background check won’t just return criminal results. It’ll also provide you with evidence of past marriages, divorces and even children. These are important things to know when you’re about to tie the knot.

If you’re presently in one of these situations and you haven’t yet performed a background check, there’s still time to protect your property, your family and yourself. Right now, BCVI is offering 10% off Caribbean background checks when you purchase 10 credits. So get started today. It’s never too late to get the information you need about the people in whom you place your trust.