Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Business Owners: Protect Your Most Valuable Asset : Client Trust

Do you send your employees into your clients’ homes? If you answered “yes” to that one, then here’s another critical question to consider.

What is your most valuable asset as a business owner? It isn’t your inventory. It’s not the buildings or land owned by the company. It’s not even your people, though that’s closer to the truth.

Your most valuable asset is the trust your clients place in you. When each of your customers decided to do business with your company, they made a decision to trust you. In their home. With their children. With the personal details of their lives.

They trust you to send a trustworthy person into their home.

Do you deserve that trust?

The carpenters, drivers, or other service professionals you employ represent your company, and they represent you. They have access to your clients’ private homes and private lives. The most important thing you can do to protect the safety of your clients—and your business—is to know exactly whom you have hired.

How can you find out everything you need to know in order to hire people you can trust? People you can trust to represent your company? You can run a national background check.

If you are interviewing or considering someone that marks Virgin Islands, St. Croix, St. Thomas or St. John on their application, you need to consider one additional step, a background check with A national background check won’t always catch what happens in the Virgin Islands, but this service will.

Background Checks Virgin Islands is a service provided by Dennis R. Sheraw & Associates. Mr. Sheraw founded his investigative firm and began compiling the database following a career in private security and federal law enforcement. His experience includes positions with U.S. Army Military Intelligence, Federal Bureau of Investigation and as security manager for Hess Oil Virgin Islands.

So, keep your client’s trust by investigation your staff. And when you see “VI” or Virgin Islands on an application, don’t forget to stop by this site for a little extra piece of mind.